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A simple way to increase support for Scottish independence

Happy New Year folks. I’m back after a few lazy weeks of eating and drinking too much.

I thought I’d start 2018 by sharing this video I saw on another independence supporting Facebook page. It has a very simple but powerful message.

Wear a Yes badge more often this year.

Besides the good reasons mentioned for doing so in the video, a Yes badge also acts as a conversation starter for people who may be interested but not yet convinced of the merits of independence.

It’s these conversations we need to be having with the undecided/soft-No voters in our lives. They could swing the result of indyref2 when it happens in the very near future.

Making 2018 the year of the Yes badge is a great way to destigmatise the independence cause, increase support for it and help start conversations which could change minds.

Again, very Happy New Year to you all and hope to see you on the site many times in 2018. Enjoy the film below and feel free to give the original creator a like on facebook.

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