About Autonomy Scotland

Hi guys,

Autonomy Scotland was founded and is run by Ruth And Bobby. With lots of help from a few others.

We started our blog,  as we were supporters of Scottish Independence. We lost that referendum. We now keep the blog going to promote several things

  • An outward looking inclusive independent Scotland. A modern country with a representative voting system, with high levels of equality and social mobility.
  • While that is not possible, better functioning democracy within the UK, with particular regards to regional devolution, reforming the House of Lords, changing the voting system to a proportional one and stronger local government
  • Promotion of ethical foreign policy, ethical trade deals, compassionate welfare laws and the advancement of environmental issues by UK and Scottish government
  • The empowerment of local communities

Ultimately, we feel that many of our goals would be easier within an independent Scotland so we also will campaign for a second referendum.


We have started a little crowd-funding campaign to try and raise a small amount to cover the upkeep of our website. If you are able to spare a small amount then that would be amazing.

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3 Responses

  1. Jamesay says:

    “We have started a little crown funding campaign …”

    Surely you mean “crowd funding”? or are you applying to Buck House for a wee grant ? 😉

    Happy to contribute to a “crowd funding campaign” !

  2. autonomyscotland says:

    Fixed the typo. I think the crown gets enough funding.

  3. Jamesay says:

    Cheers! Agreed 😉