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Annie Wells MSP is right, the Scottish Parliament isn’t sovereign

There has been a bit of a stooshie about this video in which Annie Wells MSP refuses to accept the sovereignty of the Scottish parliament.

For the life of me I’m not sure why that would be seen as in any way controversial as the Scottish Parliament clearly isn’t Sovereign.

In political terms, Sovereignty is

a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity.

The polity in question is Scotland and anyone who thinks Holyrood has supreme authority over Scotland is deluding themselves.

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Brexit alone has exposed the lack of sovereignty of the Scottish Parliament.

  • The Scottish Parliament did not want an EU referendum yet it was forced on the scottish people by a government we rejected at the ballot box.
  • The Scottish Government wanted a triple lock on the results of the EU referendum whereby, if one UK country voted against Brexit it would not happen. This was rejected.
  • The UK Supreme Court has ruled that the Scottish Government does not need to be consulted about the article 50 process. An act that proved the Sewell Convention is a sham.
  • The UK Government is planning to take back laws from the EU that should default back to Scotland post Brexit under the rules of the Scotland Act.
  • The Great Repeal Bill, which will be the process for replacing EU law with UK law, will almost certainly result in the UK government changing Scottish laws, most likely without consent.
  • The Scottish parliament just voted to hold indyref2 before article 50 is complete, yet the UK government is set to reject this vote. The fact that Holyrood needs permission from Westminster is all you need to know about Scottish parliamentary sovereignty.

So, Annie Wells was right to not accept that Holyrood is sovereign because you can’t accept something that plainly isn’t true.

The difference between Annie Wells and myself is that I think that Scotland should be sovereign. I think the points I have made above are an outrage, especially in the context of the 2014 Better Together campaign that promised Scotland a partnership of equals. I want Scotland to be like other countries and have control over its own affairs.

The question we have as independence supporters is, can we convince enough of our fellow countrymen that Scotland’s lack of sovereignty is an important issue?

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Daniel Keith Gunn
Daniel Keith Gunn

Stop the lies about Scotland she’s a liar

Ian Clark
Ian Clark

You are obviously correct about the Scottish parliament not being sovereign. At the moment though, apart referendums, it best represents an idea like ‘the sovereignty of the Scottish people’. Certainly from a political standpoint, the importance of the Scottish parliament as the best practical representation of our collective democratic will should be emphasised – at least in relation to the votes of MSPs primarily elected on the basis of party manifestos. On that basis, there is a clear mandate for a timely referendum. There should be no problem with a unistatist MSP like Annie Wells expressing the view that she… Read more »

Ian Clark
Ian Clark

It should be ‘apart from’ in second sentence.


I think we should encourage people like Annie Wells to express their views. We should ask them direct questions about the position of Scotland within the UK. All of them are basically supporting Scotland as a region of a unitary state. However, they are seldom pinned down to express that view as they just talk about the union in vague terms.

Rory Winter
Rory Winter

Westminster has usurped Scottish sovereignty but that doesn’t mean that the Scottish Parliament isn’t sovereign. 700 years of history bears out the sovereignty of the Scottish people. Membership of the Scottish parliament is in the gift of the Scottish people. So when a sovereign people elect a Parliament their sovereignty transfers to that Parliament. Even the former Tory Scottish Secretary, Michael Forsyth, recognised this. After this wretched article I shall seriously consider making any further donations to Autonomy Scotland.

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