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Ashcroft Poll: Majority of Scots think the UK is moving in the wrong direction

Over the weekend there was an extensive Ashcroft poll published looking at the UK political landscape. The results are quite interesting from a Scottish independence perspective.

The results show that, unlike other regions, a majority(55%) of Scots think that the UK is on the wrong track. Only 27 percent think we are going in the right direction.

The Ashcroft Poll also shows that, unlike every other region of the UK, most Scots(52%) think Brexit will make them worse off. Only 27% think they will be better off.

Finally, the poll asked about the perceived competence of the three main Scottish leaders.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the popularity of Ruth Davidson without much evidence to back it up. This poll shows that in Scotland Nicola Stugeon is far more popular that Davidson and Dugdale.

She’s more popular than any leader the Ashcroft Poll asked about.

These result suggest that Nicola Sturgeon is right to give the people of Scotland a second referendum on the back of Brexit. Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit, and the majority of us still think it is a bad idea. The fact that her approval rating is higher than those leaders who don’t support indyref2 also suggests that this policy is not as toxic as her rivals would like you to believe.

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