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1 in 5 BBC journalists is ‘functionally illiterate’

I just made that headline up. Something you would think a BBC journalist would never do.

So I was surprised when I found this on the BBC complaints page. Do you remember when Andrew Neil suggested that one in five Scottish kids leave primary school ‘functionally illiterate’?

Well, it has taken the BBC 30 weeks to admit that the claim was nonsense.

The funny thing is, even the actual complaint resolution contains an obvious factual error.

It says that the error occurred during an interview with Nicola Sturgeon.

Well, here is the incident in question and, unless the BBC has uncovered the scoop of the year, I don’t think that the person in the clip is Nicola Sturgeon.

One can only deduce that, as the BBC would never wilfully use incorrect information, then a fair few BBC staff members is functionally illiterate. They can’t even get the facts right in a piece in which they admit getting the facts wrong. Surely, that would fail a primary School English test?

So, I may have understated the headline I made up.

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