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Clear as Mud: This video details May’s scant plan for leaving the EU

In this thorough interview with Andrew Neil, we can see evidence of May’s scant plan.

Clearly there is no real certainty about how any aspect of leaving the EU will turn out.

The video is also interesting as it details just how complex the whole process will be. The video highlights all of the things we will be leaving behind that we currently take for granted. For each topic May can only tell us that her goal is basically to achieve what we already have(but with less immigration). Although, she has no idea if the negotiations will get us close to where we are now. She does admit that she is willing to settle for no deal at all which is pretty worrying.

About the only thing she is clear on, in the last 5 minutes of the film, is that she is against having another Scottish independence referendum as she feels that this issue was settled in 2014.

Well, in 2014, I imagine most No voters didn’t imagine a British PM going through a list of things we currently take for granted, not being able to offer any certainty on any of them going forward. NO voters opted for safety and surety in 2014.

From the evidence of this, neither of those two things is assured going forward. The choice is now two versions of uncertainty. From a Scottish perspective, in only one of those futures will we have control over the outcome.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Lily Zotou
Lily Zotou

Does she not understand that she has *no* leverage?

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