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Bobby HaineyBobby Hainey

Joint founder of Autonomyscotland. In my spare time I enjoy Road Cycling, Munro bagging and beer.

Dr Craig DalzellDr Craig Dalzell

Craig is the Head of Research of Common Weal and runs a politics and economics blog:

Lawrie McKayLawrie McKay

From Cumbernauld originally. Scientist with PHD. Teacher. Lived in South Korea and the Netherlands. Currently in Brighton. Really miss Tennents Lager.

Lynn Blair

Writer, Creative/Cultural Industries lecturer and musician. Pens, cameras, books and babies all over the place. Alternative/home education.Yes #indyref2

Martin BoyleMartin Boyle

Father, husband, glaikit diddy. Optimistic Crohn's sufferer. Pessimistic Tory sufferer. Salad dodger. Green-curious (sceptic wing). Short, hairy, ginger: if Scots were an oppressed minority, could be the archetype for racial profiling.


Joint Founder, Social Media Gadabout, 10p Crisp Connoisseur, Dystopian Fiction Devotee, Animal Defender, Errant Lush and Social Justice Seeker.