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David Davis should be found in contempt of Parliament

We have talked before about the disappearing Brexit impact papers.

We even performed an FOI to try to shed some light on what they might say about Scotland.

That’s if they actually exist, it’s hard to tell now.

At one point in the recent past, David Davis was boasting in Parliament about how detailed they were and how the Prime Minister was aware of them. Back then, the line was that they just couldn’t be shared with the public as doing so would jeopardise the negotiations.

Then the info wasn’t available in an easy to understand form.

Now Davis is saying it was never there in the first place.

Today, Davis told a Common’s Select Committee that, despite previous proclamations, the government doesn’t have a clue how good or bad Brexit might be.

With incomplete information, it is hard to tell whether the assessments exist and have been conveniently buried or if they were never there at all. What is certain is that David Davis, the man in charge of UK Brexit plans, has at some point misled Parliament. He either lied about the papers in the past or he is lying about them now.

Today Pete Wishart again asked the Speaker of the House of Commons if contempt proceedings should commence against Davis for his failure to produce the papers in line with a vote compelling him to do so.

As you can see from this video the Speaker is taking him seriously.

Which means in the very near future, the Minister in charge of UK Brexit negotiations could potentially be suspended or expelled from the House of Commons.

In my opinion, due to the way he has behaved in circumstances that are of the utmost national importance, he deserves a harsher punishment than that.

While the penalty for contempt is pretty lenient, such a move should it happen, will weaken an already weak government, which can only be a good thing given how badly it is managing Brexit.

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