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Douglas Ross: Credit where credit is due on WASPI

Women Against State Pension Inequality: WASPI

Recently we took Douglas Ross to task for failing to vote for an SNP motion that called for a fair transition for women badly hit by government pension changes.

We were particularly annoyed at this because Douglas Ross had made a big deal about helping the WASPI women when he was running for election.

Yesterday, there was another vote on a similar SNP motion.

While the vast majority of Tory MPs did what they were told to do and abstained. In fairness to Douglas Ross, he crossed party lines and voted in the interests of those he promised to help. He was the only Scottish Tory to do.

Although we can’t really understand why he avoided the previous vote, it was refreshing to see him honour his word this time. As we have been very critical of him in the past it is only fair we recognise his actions yesterday.

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