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Great Repeal Bill: Can’t say we didn’t warn you!

We have been warning about the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill(aka the Great Repeal Bill) for months.

In this blog from March, we warned that Theresa May intended to rewrite the Scotland Act in order to grab powers already held by the Scottish Parliament.

Beware the ides of March.

In April we warned about how the UK Government wants to grant itself the power to change Scottish Laws without the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

What we said

The bill was published today and it turns out we were right to be concerned.

Here is the section of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill which alters Section 29 of The Scotland Act 1998 in order to pinch competencies such as fishing and farming.

Here is the section granting the UK government executive powers to amend legislation without debate in parliament.

Subverting Democracy


The Scottish secretary, David Mundell today said the arrangement was “transitional” and that the bill was

not a power grab but a power bonanza for the Scottish Parliament.

In other words, the UK will keep control over all of the most important powers, hand Scotland some scraps, and mock us for not being grateful for the ‘Bonanza’.

Whatever happens, the Brexit process has once again exposed the complete lack of sovereignty that Scotland possesses. Scotland is a country that is consistently treated like a region and it’s about time more people actually cared about that. We voted to remain in the EU but we are leaving regardless and it is clear we have little influence over how Brexit is going to affect us.  It is baffling that so few seem to be bothered but I remain hopeful that at some point more people will understand how important these issues are.

In the meantime, as discussed earlier, there is still hope that this act can be altered to make it far less severe.

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