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Important BBC news just in: old man has opinion on #indyref2

Ex SNP leader Gordon Wilson

Ex SNP leader Gordon Wilson

I don’t normally watch the BBC news because I’m in my thirties and try to avoid all children’s television except for SpongeBob SquarePants.

However, while waiting for Match Of The Day 2 to start last night I did catch the 10.20pm bulletin and was a bit surprised to discover what the BBC consider newsworthy.

I have never published a blog accusing the BBC of bias.

Those who spend their entire lives criticising them come across as loons and are counterproductive to the cause of independence. However, last night I did find it hard to work out why the second most newsworthy story was that Gordon Wilson thinks that Scotland is not ready for a second referendum.

Fair enough, Wilson is indeed an ex SNP leader, however he hasn’t been so for nearly 30 years.

He hasn’t been an elected politician since 1987. Of the two elections that were fought when he was leader of the SNP the party won less than 2 percent of the seats they ran in.

He is as entitled to an opinion as anyone but quite why the BBC thought that this was of such magnitude is beyond me. He has hardly been the keenest political mind recently. For instance in 2011 Wilson campaigned against gay marriage. He suggested that the SNP plan to legalise it would set back the independence cause.

While the BBC may argue having a quote from Wilson was justified, the actual report is pretty one sided.

A person with no power or particular expertise is given a platform on national television to spout a subjective opinion about a important constitutional issue. There is no attempt at balance or to have a counter argument put across. It’s just a series of doubts, first read out by the newsreader and then Wilson, about Scotland’s readiness to manage its own affairs.

The inclusion of the item so high up the news agenda can only really be explained by one of two things: either BBC Scotland are lazy and inept, maybe on a Sunday they are not capable of doing any quality reporting so just cobble together a story from the scraps of other programs.

Or this was a blatant attempt to influence voters the night before a key meeting between Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May. A meeting that might influence the track the SNP take with regards to another plebiscite.

Either way the effect is the same. The report is bound to sow the seeds of doubt into the heads of many casual viewers.

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