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Irn Bru evangelist gets one last dig at the indy movement

After months of relative peace, the Irn Bru evangelist has returned to bestow upon us some blue sky wisdom. This time, in an otherwise bland and tangential screed on our relation to the Irish uprising. Jim Murphy says the following:

Today, many mistakenly confuse or wilfully conflate Irish with Scottish nationalism, when in truth they are opposites. Contemporary Irish nationalism is about leaving the UK and instead sharing an alternative island union, while Scottish nationalism is about leaving the UK and an island union to join nothing.

Credit where it is due, it is a rare skill to be able to cram three glaring errors and a wee dig into two short sentences, even for a man as misguided as Murphy. In case you didn’t spot them here they are:

  • Not many people conflate Irish and Scottish nationalism. I have personally never heard anyone do so. And even if you Google the phrase you mostly get articles talking about Ireland’s reaction or lack of to potential Scottish Independence. Perhaps the only people who mix the two up are those who rioted in George Square on the day following the referendum.
  • Contemporary Irish nationalism isn’t about sharing an alternative island union. There are various forms of Irish Nationalism and ideas of what a united Ireland should look like. Some people do like the sound of a federal system but just as many prefer a unitary 32 county Irish state. I can find no evidence to support Murphy’s view of a union being the most popular choice of modern Irish Nationalists. Although, to be fair a union would probably be the most pragmatic of the two options.
  • Those campaigning for Scottish Independence did not want to “join nothing”. In fact we wanted to be part of the EU and NATO. We also wanted open borders with the rest of Great Britain and to have close relations with our nearest neighbours. Incidentally, the UK is currently on the cusp of taking us out of the EU against our will, an act which may potentially lead indirectly to an interdependent Scotland, Wales and a united Ireland. And a potentially isolated England outwith the EU.

So again Murphy returns to remind us why he managed to lead Scottish Labour to their worst ever defeat at a UK general election. In the space of a paragraph he manages to write something that is both factually spurious as well as divisive. It was this inability to grasp reality and this special skill for rubbing people up the wrong way that made him so unelectable. With those traits, it’s a shame he’s not still in charge.

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Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray

i soooo wish I could do a photoshop memo with that Heid the Ba’ photograph and make Jim Murphy into the ‘Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz’, with the black cape and pointy witches Hat.
Speech Bubble; “I’ll get you my pretty!”

Bert V S Morrice.
Bert V S Morrice.

I won’t mince my words Mr Murphy,You are a Doughball,you have a bit of Dough,but no …….*. The next time it snows I trust you’ll get my Drift !!!!


Jim Murphy shows exactly what us wrong and has been wrong with Scottish Labour for years. No grasp of reality, insulting the genuine held ideals of ordinary Scots and trying to turn it into something it is not. He and his like minded friends are why I will never forgive and never forget the treachery of Labour.

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