“It’s not enough to be a woman in politics, you have to do the right thing with the power you’ve got”

In the video below Sturgeon is saying ‘It’s not enough to be a woman in politics’, because she thinks that being female doesn’t automatically mean you will enact policies that help women.

From this week, Child Tax Credits will only be paid for the first two children in a family. This in itself is a policy that will hurt many women and men. However, that’s not the really nasty part of the policy. The really odious thing is that a woman can receive tax credits for a third child but only if she can prove that she has been raped.


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In order to prove a rape has occurred women will have to fill in an 8 page form that will be assessed by civil servants.

This means that rape victims, many who may not have previously disclosed their ordeal, many who have not recovered from it, will need to choose between reliving a very traumatic experience or losing money they are entitled to.

All this to save a relatively small amount of money as, let’s face it, only a tiny proportion of people would pretend to have been raped just to qualify for tax credits.

It’s an example of a policy introduced by a government led by a woman, that is callous towards vulnerable women.

It is also another example of an immoral policy enacted by a government that we in Scotland never vote for.

Check out what Sturgeon had to say and it would be great to hear what you think in the comments.

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