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Watch Lucy Allan’s patronising deleted video

Lucy Allan is a Tory MP who voted to bomb Syria. Many of her constituent’s sent her strongly worded correspondence about her decision. For some reason Lucy doctored a Facebook post to make it contain a death threat. Understandably the constituent who wrote the post was a bit perturbed about this as were the general public.




Over the weekend she posted a video to her Facebook page which has been described as patronising. In the video she blames everyone but herself for the eventful week she has had. She has deleted the video but thankfully a U-tube user managed to copy the video.  Clearly her original doctoring of the email was designed to paint those who are anti-bombing as more radical than the pro-bombers. There was a concerted effort to harm the anti war movement with the PM calling people terrorist sympathisers, MP’s exaggerating public anger and the demonisation of the Stop The War Coalition. The video is another example of just how out of touch the Tories are with regards to the feelings of large swathes of the general public. She even has the audacity to suggest that the furore was caused by people who are ‘Not Telford’. What a lack of respect to have for your constituents.

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I neither heard nor saw an apology for her being a lure and a fraud.

James. D . Hamilton
James. D . Hamilton

Is she a Stepford wife? That speech was almost robotic.

R Andrew
R Andrew

She certainly has undoubted skills in her sneering attitude towards some of her constituents. Her performance on Channel 4 news tonight was revealing after a Jon Snow ambush. I am afraid to say she is likely reject any invitation to return for further Snow interrogation on the doctoring allegation.

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