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Over 500 MPs would prefer to face Brexit with their heads in the sand

It was good to see that 120 MPs have signed a letter asking David Davis to publish the Government’s Brexit impact assessments.

It only makes sense that parliamentarians have an idea of how the various forms of Brexit will impact their constituents. Afterall, they will be required to vote on the final deal at some point.(Whether or not that vote will be meaningful is another issue we have dealt with in the past).

The letter below was signed by a group of frustrated SNP, LibDem and some Labour MPs.

We share in their frustration. We have sent off a freedom of information request about the Brexit impact on Scotland and after some back and forth with the Department for Leaving the EU, we hope to get some meaningful information we can publish in the next few days. We are not holding our breath though.


The letter is welcome and I hope it meets with a swift positive response from the Government.

What I do find remarkable about the letter is just how few MPs actually signed it. Over 500 MPs seem happy to blindly accept whatever happens. This is strange given that Brexit was all about bringing power back to Parliament so that we can hold our MPs properly to account.

Perhaps those MPs like it this way. Ignorance is bliss and at the moment those MPs who didn’t sign the letter can blame the government for anything that goes wrong. If those papers were to be published and they happen to suggest that Brexit is going to be devastating for their constituents then they have a dilemma on their hands. To deliver the narrow result of an unbinding referendum or to act in the national interest?

History will not look at them too kindly if they knowingly and blatantly sell their country down the river.

That sort of choice requires backbone which is why many might prefer to be ill-informed. Still, it does prompt the question, if most of Parliament would rather hide from the key responsibility of their job, then what is the point of giving MPs more power in the first place?

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