Nicola Sturgeon discusses Scotland’s post-Brexit future

In this video, Nicola Sturgeon discusses Scotland’s post-Brexit future with Reuters.

Key points that come up:

  • Why the SNP will not support the EU(Withdrawal) Bill at Westminster.
  • Why the Scottish Government could potentially agree to it at Holyrood but not in its current form as it threatens the devolution settlement.
  • The possibility of forcing the UK Government to remain within the EU Customs Union.
  • What the Scottish Government is doing to protect Scottish businesses from Brexit.
  • The timing of indyref2.( Hints at a decision being made in the Autumn).
  • The situation in Catalonia.
  • The looming UK constitutional crisis.
  • The currency an independent Scotland might use.
  • How Brexit strengthens the case for independence.
  • The Paris agreement and climate change.
  • The problem with Project Fear.
  • Salmond on Russia Today.
  • Consent as it is framed in the EU(Withdrawal) Bill.

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