Not Another Fake Newscast & Mike Small.

Paul & Gerry from the Not Another Fake NewsCast have just interviewed Mike Small from Bella Caledonia.

They cover many issues related to Scottish politics and the direction of the independence movement. Topics covered include the demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn. What the Salmond crowd funder might say about parts of the independence movement and the media’s strange obsession with Ruth Davidson.

Well worth a listen via your favourite podcast player or by clicking on the play button below.

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  • If I was in a position to create straw men and women and then point the finger at them and did just that then I would be a tosspot. If I create straw men and women and point the finger at them part in bitterness and part self-interested calculation then I would definitely not deserve what i felt was my due. Someone obviously isn't getting what they want and disingenuous, arrogant tosspots give me the boak.