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Queensferry Crossing: When the expert doesn’t fit the narrative

There has been a furore over the last few days about proposed lane closures on the Queensferry Crossing.

Apparently, work needs to be carried out on the road surface and some work needs to be done on the windshield.

The Scottish Government say this type of thing was to be expected and it won’t cost the tax-payer additional money as it was factored into the construction contract.

Opposition parties are seemingly outraged about the chaos that the work will cause to commuters and are saying that the work could have been avoided by getting the bridge right before it was opened.

STV News ran a piece on the fiasco last night.

They interviewed Alan Simpson, former head of the Institute of Civil Engineers, and he clearly stated that the additional work was normal for an infrastructure project of this magnitude.

What was weird about the interview was that the journalist proceeded to ask him about his political allegiances.

Now, if I was being charitable, I could interpret the question as a joke due to the criticism that the Scottish Government have been encountering. An alternative reading would be that the interviewer wanted to cast doubt on the expert as he wasn’t saying what the interviewer expected him to say.

Whatever the reason, it does seem an extraordinary and unprofessional question.

I know we live in a post-truth world, but surely a high ranking civil engineer can be trusted to talk about bridges without his integrity being called into question.

Check out the film below.

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