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Ruth Davidson & her blatant indyref u-turn

Ruth Davidson on the criteria for gaining a mandate for an independence referendum 05/05/2011

Great so pro independence majority is good enough for a mandate!

Ruth Davidson on whether a valid indyref mandate should be blocked 03/06/2016

Great so Ruth says the UK government shouldn’t block one

Ruth Davidson Today

So, despite what she has said she is prepared to block indyref2.

She says it’s to allow us to be able to make an informed choice. However, given the article 50 negotiations will be complete before the proposed indyref this excuse is clearly rubbish.

The real reason is to thwart democracy by making sure EU citizens are excluded from the vote. The real reason is they know there is a good chance they will lose indyref2.

Whatever the reason Ruth Davidson has gone back on her words.

From what she said before, there is a mandate and the referendum shouldn’t be blocked. Her excuse for blocking it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. She is taking the electorate for fools.

You can make up your own mind about her integrity.

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