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Scottish Lib Dems vote to join ScotLab in Brigadoon


Living in a fantasy Scotland

Definition of Brigadoon

  1. :  a place that is idyllic, unaffected by time, or remote from reality

At their autumn conference, the Lib Dems considered whether post-Brexit they should keep open the option of Scottish independence.

During the debate they had on this topic one woman stood up and said the following of the SNP’s efforts to promote a second indyref.

She suggested the SNP:

would ruin the whole of the UK with their single minded desire to turn our country into Brigadoon

This comment is pretty ironic as the actual motion that the Lib Dems eventually butchered was pretty uncontroversial and firmly based on the harsh reality of the situation we find ourselves in.

Both Labour and the Conservatives have confirmed that they will not block article 50. So we are leaving the EU and the Lib Dems can do nothing to stop it. Not only that, we don’t even know if post-Brexit Scotland will even have access to the European single market. Again, this is something that the Lib Dems are powerless to do anything about. Therefore, whether the Lib Dems like it or not, in the future we will only be in one of those unions and we may have to choose which one.

This has been ruled out before investigation

This has been ruled out before investigation

The Lib Dems passed their independence motion. Before doing so they amended all the controversial parts. Here is a copy of the original motion with the deleted parts in red and parts they added in green.

Conference believes:

1. That Scotland’s future would be best served as part of a federal United Kingdom that remains in the European Union.

2. There is a risk that significant elements of Scotland’s continuing participation in the European community may no longer be possible for as long as it remains in the United Kingdom, and regretfully recognises that Scotland may eventually be forced to prioritise integration with one of these Unions at the expense of integration with the other.

3. That the constant threat of a second independence referendum held before the fundamental terms of the UK’s Brexit deal are known would be irresponsible, depriving the Scottish people of the necessary factual background against which to make an informed decision about their constitutional future.

4. That the Scottish Liberal Democrats must pursue a future for Scotland which retains the advantages of the European Union without the limitations of the unthinking Unionism of the Conservatives or the ideological drive towards independence of the SNP.

Conference calls for:

1. The Scottish Parliamentary party to:

  • a. Restore support for negotiations, by the Muscatelli group, and commit to exploring all options that may allow Scotland to retain the benefits of EU membership. Explore all options, except independence, that may allow Scotland to retain the benefits of EU membership. 
  • b. Develop a comprehensive message and communications plan to present to the Scottish Party Executive, that articulates a positive, integrationist support for Scotland remaining within both the United Kingdom and the European Union. That message should not rule out any options at this stage, as our response to developments in the strategies of the UK and Scottish Governments should ultimately be a decision for our members.

2. The Scottish and UK Governments to operate in a spirit of transparency regarding negotiations over withdrawal from the European Union.

3. Scottish Liberal Democrats to continue to fully support the initiative of the UK Liberal Democrats to retain EU membership for the UK, and a referendum on any Brexit deal secured by the UK Government.

4. Policy Committee to bring a motion to Conference, at a time when the terms for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union have become clear, that enables a full and frank debate on the best future for Scotland.

Policy now based on ideology not reason.

Policy now based on ideology not reason.

So, the Lib Dem join Labour in the land of make believe. They want to stay in the EU, they accept we may have to leave it but they refuse to countenance the fact that independence will ensure EU membership.

To make matters worse, like Labour, they are chasing pie in the sky solutions that they have no power to deliver. The party only has 8 MPs yet they think creating a federal UK and having a second Brexit referendum are viable options for avoiding Scotland’s departure from the EU. They could not be more delusional if they think the Tories who have a parliamentary majority are going to deliver their vision.

Now, it is clear from the amendments made to the motion that the Scottish Lib Dems have outed themselves as a blood and soil unionist party.

They are not willing to even investigate the only plausible method of keeping Scotland in the EU. In fact, they are willing to investigate every other option but independence. The only reason this can be is they have ruled out considering the option purely on ideological grounds.

Donate a small amount for new indy media

Donate a small amount for new indy media

The UK is hurting itself and it will drag an unwilling Scotland down with it. However, the Lib Dems would rather facilitate the decline than consider any workable solutions. This is why they are a declining force in politics. Their muddled world view results in policy decisions that have no connection with reality and no engagement in rationality.

It is them not the SNP who have a Brigadoon view of the current position that Scotland is in.

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