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Shock as Daily Mail unearths pro-EU bias among intelligent people

Top investigative reporters working for the Daily Mail have unearthed the shocking level of anti-Brexit bias held by intelligent people.

The Mail’s extensive investigations have revealed that boffins are not just using their intelligence for inventing stuff, finding cures for diseases and wearing corduroy jackets with leather elbow patches.

They have also been using their superior ability, to make sense of complex information, for nefarious purposes.

What is truly appaling is how the opinion of really smart people differs from that of the general public.

Whereas the general public was split on the Brexit question, it turns out that 8 out of 10 brainy people voted to remain. These academics claim to have thought it suicidal to make it harder to trade with and share ideas with a market of 600 million people. They also say they saw through what they describe as the ‘mind-numbingly obvious lies’ of the Leave campaign.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, now, even after the Brexit vote, some of these clever clogs still have the audacity to campaign for what they strongly believe in. As the Daily Mail, who are completely neutral on the Brexit issue, has discovered:

Now it has emerged that pro-Remain bias has continued even after the vote. A lecturer at a Bristol university was recently called out by Conservative Paul Scully for handing out a poster advertising a pro-EU march to the MP’s daughter. In a separate incident, a Gloucester University lecturer advertised a ‘Unite for Europe national march to Parliament’ to ‘stop Brexit’ on her office door.

Durham students received emails from a lecturer in French, Dr Will McKenzie, highlighting the pro-EU group Open Britain, which wants to keep Britain’s membership of the single market. In December last year, he announced the first Durham Open Britain ‘community meeting’, urging students and staff to get involved.

I know what you are thinking, how could seemingly benign, above average intelligent people, trained to be sceptical and to analytically assess complex information, get this so spectacularly wrong?

Turns out that the scholars have a vested interest in wanting to stay in the EU.

The Mail has discovered that universities, uniquely among things British, benefit from being in the EU.

Being in the EU enables them to attract lots of funding which allows them to carry out world-class research. Not only that but it allows them to easily collaborate on bold academic projects with EU colleagues and institutions. The academics admit they benefit but they say this is no different to many other UK sectors that benefit from EU membership.

Yet the Mail has discovered that these benefits are a myth.

This EU university money has been stolen from the pockets of hard-working British taxpayers. Not only that but their research suggests that there are plenty of British geniuses being overlooked because our universities are being swamped by hoards of the second rate, NHS hogging interlopers who will do things like quantum mechanics on the cheap.

This British money going to the EU to support foreigners inventing stuff on our shores is money that could be spent on useful stuff like ticker-tape and coronation mugs. No British person has ever benefited from the UK being at the forefront of world innovation and it is sickening that these boffins would continue to support the EU for their own personal gain.

Say what you want about the Daily Mail but without their cutting-edge investigative journalism and non-partisan reporting, this country would still be wilting under the thumb of Brussels.

Instead, our proud country is ignoring the so-called ‘experts’ who have done nothing for us. We are moving toward a prosperous future as the envy of the world. I, for one, look forward to the Mail unearthing more biases for the good of the nation. Like the location that bears are more likely to defecate or the religious affiliation of the men who live in the Vatican.

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