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Ruth Davidson’s silence speaks louder than words

Last year, we highlighted the fact that the Daily Telegraph misrepresented the results of an academic report to make out that the threat of indyref2 was hurting the Scottish economy.

In the article, which had little substance to it, Ruth Davidson was quoted putting the boot into the SNP for not getting on with the day job.

This report makes it clear that Nicola Sturgeon has cast a cloud of uncertainty over Scotland which is now causing deep and lasting damage to our prosperity and to Scotland’s reputation.”

At a time when we need to show we are open for business, the First Minister is instead forcing business to look elsewhere. She needs to put her party’s interests to one side and put the country first.

This week PWC published a report which concluded that,

Scottish GDP growth will be below the UK average, coming in at around 1.2% in 2017 and 1.1% in 2018, according to the latest projections from PwC in the latest UK Economic Outlook report. This is due to slower consumer spending growth and the drag on business investment due to ongoing political and economic uncertainty relating to the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

It seems like those broad shoulders of Union that won the 2014 indyref are creaking under the strain of Brexit.

Yet Ruth Davidson has lost her voice.

She was happy to stick the boot in on the back of manufactured Telegraph propaganda but goes mute when the world’s biggest accountancy firm shows her party’s policy to be damaging Scotland.

Surely Davidson should be taking her own advice. It is clear Tory policy is casting a cloud of uncertainty over Scotland and causing deep and lasting damage to our prosperity and reputation.  She should put the interests of her party to one side and put her country first and speak out about the damage her party is causing.

I’m sure we’ll hear from her any day now, meanwhile, I’m off to put a bet on Scotland winning the World Cup.

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