(Strong and Stable, Coming Together, Strengthening My Hand) x 1000 = True

There is absolutely no substance to anything the Prime Minster is saying. Worse still she is getting away with this by the combination of a pliant media, a weak opposition and a disinterested public.

Yesterday was a case in point. She was chauffeur driven in a high security convoy and deposited in a forest, inches from the back-door of the remotest village-hall in Scotland. She was met and interviewed not by the media but by her Scottish branch office manager. Ruth led the PM from her limo to a podium where she proceeded to blurt out Trumpian buzzwords to a cuckold audience comprised of a strange brew of ideological sycophants and coerced, muzzled locals.

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The media, who are more interested in clicks than substance, are happy to report the PM spouting emptiness to an assembly of cardboard cut-outs without any analysis of what the words actually mean.

Meanwhile, the so called opposition can’t even score a goal in an empty net.

Corbyn comes across like a sedated Bernard Cribbins reading flat-pack furniture assembly instructions. Does he not know that a clue to the role of the opposition is contained in the name? He just waved though hard-Brexit like the referendum result was unanimous. He just waved through a General Election even though he is often out-staged in popularity contests by stalks of rhubarb he has just plucked from his allotment. The man can’t even see that a prime time tv debate in which his main rival is going to be replaced by a chair is in fact a good opportunity to garner support.

The mantras uttered by May are no doubt designed to stick in the minds of those who don’t pay too much attention to politics.

The type who complain about all of the serious shit getting in the way of the important things in life. Videos of snuggling puppies and Ritalin fueled taco recipes are being pushed out of Facebook news-feeds by occasional warnings of a post-Brexit apocalypse. Many will only countenance this type of intrusion for so long. What they need is messaging condensed to such an extent that it needs to be physically wedged into their ear canal by a Tory party intern while they are distracted by videos of a cat wearing specs while pawing at an i-pad.

This toxic combination of a defunct media, a disengaged public and a broken political system is why you are only going to hear the following from May over the coming weeks.

Strong and Stable, Coming Together, Strengthening My Hand to avoid a Coalition of Chaos. Strong and Stable, Coming Together, Strengthening My Hand to avoid a Coalition of Chaos. Strong and Stable, Coming Together, Strengthening My Hand to avoid a Coalition of Chaos. Strong and Stable, Coming Together, Strengthening My Hand to avoid a Coalition of Chaos. Strong and Stable, Coming Together, Strengthening My Hand to avoid a Coalition of Chaos. Strong and Stable, Coming Together, Strengthening My Hand to avoid a Coalition of Chaos.

Yet surely, it doesn’t take much to realise there is nothing behind these words?

  • Why when the Tories already have a majority and the opposition is the weakest in history do they need this election?
  • Why are they saying that the country is coming together when it is deeply divided and that division is only going to get worse? Not least due to the fact that the government is actually stoking the division by outing everyone who deviates from their double-think as traitors.
  • What do they mean by strengthening their hand? The size of the Tory majority in parliament will make no difference whatsoever to the Brexit negotiations because those she will be negotiating with don’t care how big her majority is. They have their own objectives and the amount of Tories in Westminster will not change that.
  • Why do they threaten that a coalition will be Chaos? Do they have a crystal ball? It is probably much more likely that Brexit will be chaos regardless due to the fact that the negotiations are a gargantuan undertaking, in which the UK is the weakest participant. The expectations of the Brexiteers are unrealistically high and the disappointment that will be unleashed when things start to falter will make chaos seem like an understatement.

Of course there are reasons for the General Election but they are not the ones the government is telling us about. They are instead hiding behind emotive but desolate word games. In that respect they are treating the public with such disdain I genuinely can’t comprehend why they are so far ahead in the polls.

Anyone who makes a Paypal donations between now and the end of May 2017 will be entered into a draw to win this 2 Smackeroonie coin. We’ll do the draw on 01/06/2017.

Check out this short video from one of those much maligned experts TRAITORS for more details on the problem with May’s empty election pitch.

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Bobby Hainey

Joint founder of Autonomyscotland. In my spare time I enjoy Road Cycling, Munro bagging and beer.

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