Sturgeon sets out plan to hold #indyref2 within 2 years | Autonomy Scotland

Sturgeon sets out plan to hold #indyref2 within 2 years

At a hastily arranged press conference, First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has just announced her plans to hold #indyref2.

The First Minister announced indyref2 plans

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I have embeded the video of the press conference below but the main thrust of the conference is the following:

  • The First Minister talks about how it is best not to sit back and hope for the best. She thinks Scotland needs to make a decisive choice about its future
  • She advises she tried to find a compromise with Theresa May as per the Scotland’s Place in Europe paper
  • She said that she has been met by a ‘brick wall’ from UK government
  • We are heading for a hard Brexit and that the UK government are looking at taking powers back from the Scottish Government
  • She thinks that Brexit has laid Scotland’s lack of sovereignty bare
  • Sturgeon has not turned her back on the UK. She is keeping a door open for compromise
  • However,  Sturgeon has decided to decisively set out an alternative plan if no compromise is reached
  • The problem with doing nothing now is that it will be too late to choose a different path before the damage is done

Sturgeon’s Plan

  • Sturgeon will continue to stick up for Scotland in the Brexit Negotiations
  • However, she has no option but to plan for a second referendum
  • Sturgeon says she will act now to ensure Scotland has an independence referendum at the end of the Brexit process
  • She says she will ask the Scottish parliament to vote in favour of this next week
  • She plans to hold #indyref2 between August 2018 and spring 2019

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So unless there is a u-turn from UK gov or they don’t permit us to hold #indyref2 we will be having a second one within 2 years.

In 2014 I was never very confident about winning but I really think we can win the second one.

I have been thinking about what we would do differently. I think we should keep the prospectus to a minimum next time. Answer the big questions like currency, pensions and the constitution but don’t make pre-referendum decisions on divisive and non essential things like Trident and the Monarchy.

I notice that Sturgeon didn’t mention the EU in her speech. She talked about the Single Market which might mean she is keeping the EFTA option open.

I think we should tell people the sovereign Scottish parliament can decide those things later on.

Now that a referendum looks likely, tell us in the comments what you would do differently and what you would do the same? How confident are you we can win this?

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It’s not a battle on the ground of her choosing, and aspects of the referendum process possibly may not be as favourable for independence as last time around (extremely favourable question couched in iambic pentameter (!), 50%+1 margin of victory requirement, no vote for Scottish-born people living in the UK etc.) To me it seems a dubious assumption that there can’t be any situation better than single market membership, and this could get exposed if May negotiates a good deal (or at least one which relegates the added advantages of SM membership to extremely technical details.) It’ll be interesting to… Read more »

Donald Reid
Donald Reid

If May negotiates a good deal though, doesn’t that mean an independent Scotland could benefit from it as a member of the EU/EEA? Best of both worlds ?

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