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The Empty Vessels

Can anyone see a connection between the key actions of the Scottish Labour MSPs and the Scottish Conservative MPs over the last couple of days?

Well, the answer is that they both made very public principled statements, which, when push came to shove, turned out to be completely vapid.

Let’s take the Tories first.

Recently, they have not hidden their disappointment over the way their own party has handled the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in respect to devolution.

Which, on the face of it is a principled stance.

empty vessels


empty vessels

empty vessels

Yet when given the chance to do something about it, their principles turned out to just be for show.

They voted against a motion at Westminster that would have protected the Scottish Parliament against the power grab everyone is worried about.

Scottish Labour MSPs did something similar.

They made a big fuss about not supporting the Scottish Government’s draft budget.

Which, on the face of it is a principled stance.

Afterall there is no doubt local government and services are suffering under the strain of austerity. The question is how can Holyrood solve this problem when funding is still mostly reliant on a block grant from Westminster? For Labour to be making such a principled stance, you would have expected them to have come up with a solution to this funding issue.

However, when Labour’s Finance Spokesperson was asked directly about his plan to fill the gaps in the budget, he had nothing to offer.

Instead, this embarrassing exchange happened.

So, Labour like the Tories, have been acting all principled, but when push comes to shove, they can’t back up the rhetoric with any substantial policy or action.

Still, one can’t help thinking the initial positive headlines they get outweigh negative ones that are generated when they inevitably fail to live up to their principles.

A lot more people probably saw the principled posturing than became aware of the eventual lack of substance.

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