These Islands of wealth and influence

One of the reasons many support Scottish independence is to move control over our lives away from a London centric, upper-middle-class, Brit-nat, establishment bubble.

For better or for worse, we wanted to give control over Scotland to a representative selection of the people who live here. The independence movement was all about having an enthused and enfranchised public influencing politics from the bottom-up and forcing the politicians to work in the interest of the majority of Scots, not just the few.

So it is weird that the new pro-union group, These Islands, is a London centric, upper-middle-class, Brit-nat establishment bubble. They don’t even have one token working class person on their advisory council. It’s made up solely of the chattering classes, senior academics, lawyers and business people who live in a parallel world to the one most of us inhabit.

Still, there is one benefit to this top-down approach.

Despite the fact that they haven’t produced anything save a few blinkered articles full of rosy-hued British exceptionalism, the group still managed to get glowing coverage in most major newspapers on launch.

It’s the establishment, using the establishment media to protect the establishment.

Now shut up and eat your cereal. These people will tell you what’s best for you.

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Bobby Hainey

Joint founder of Autonomyscotland. In my spare time I enjoy Road Cycling, Munro bagging and beer.

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I wonder what % of this group would have a vote in a second Scottish independence referendum? (I guess low)
I also wonder what % of this group has been Oxbridge educated? ( I guess high)

A shower of toffy nosed gobshites gobshiteing on behalf of a state run by toffy nosed gobshites. Our country belongs to them not us.