This video from PMQs gets right to the heart of the Scottish independence debate!

This video gets to the heart of the Scottish independence debate.

It is not the part where Angus Robertson lists the many times the will of Scotland has been ignored although that is important. It is the Prime Minister’s response to his list that is telling.

She compares the plight of Scotland to that of her own constituency who also voted to remain in the EU. To her there is no difference between Scotland and any other administrative region. This highlights the key choice that we have to make in indyref2. Do you want Scotland to be treated like a country or a constituency? The leader of the UK is clear that Scotland in her eyes is a region. That is why she is happy to treat us in the way described by Angus Robertson. If there is an indyref2 we must decide if we are happy with this situation. If not, we must decide if we are willing to put up with it just because we fear taking control of our own fate.

Check out the video below!

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