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Tories promise the SNP will protect Scottish Winter Fuel Allowance

We have talked about how the Tory manifesto pledges that England and not Scotland should decide whether Scotland should have an independence referendum.

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The Scottish Tory Manifesto this does too. That’s because the Scottish Tory manifesto is just the UK Tory manifesto that someone in branch office has had to go through and shoehorn to fit Scotland.

This means the Scottish Tory Manifesto is full of stuff that doesn’t make sense in the context of a UK election as much of the policies they talk about are devolved to Scotland.

So the Scottish Tory manifesto has sections detailing the Scottish Tory plans on education and health. Areas controlled by the Scottish Parliament that the Scottish Tories can’t do anything about.

However, the Scottish Tory manifesto actually goes further than that. In some of those devolved areas it actually commits the SNP to solve problems caused by the Tories at Westminster.

An eagle eyed twitter follower spotted this little nugget.

The winter fuel allowance is a devolved issue controlled by the Scottish Parliament.

The Tories are going to means test the allowance at UK level. The SNP have said they have no plans to change the allowance at Holyrood. The Scottish Tories have no control over the policy what-so-ever.

So, the Scottish Tory manifesto disowns head office Tory policy while committing the SNP to solve the problem by paying for the benefit out of the Scottish Block Grant. They distance themselves from their own policy while taking credit for the policy of the Scottish government.

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They have no shame but won’t be called out on it by a complicit MSM.


When the Tories create a policy which says the Scottish Government should use its powers or budget to offset something Westminster has done (e.g. rape clause, heating allowance) this is, de facto, an argument in favour of self determination.

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