Uproar in Holyrood as Ruth Davidson defends the Tory Rape Clause | Autonomy Scotland

Uproar in Holyrood as Ruth Davidson defends the Tory Rape Clause

We have been saying all week that the Tories are trying to fight the General Election on one issue to distract from their appalling record in power. To distract from the damage that Brexit will cause. Today, Ruth Davidson was forced to move away from just talking about independence and stood up in parliament and spoke in favour of the Tory Rape Clause. We have discussed this issue before so won’t editorialise too much. Check out the video below and make up your own mind about what the Tories actually stand for.


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Mary Allardice

absolutely disgusting that this has to be debated at all. the tories should all hang their heads in shame. the presiding officer is a fool.


Blatant liar, they’ve tripled the national debt. This has nothing to do with saving money. She has a bloody cheek to mention the horrendous affects of rape and the aftermath,,trying to show empathy while adding to the poor victims ordeal by them having to go through yet more questioning to obtain support for a child.


Omg , she then goes on about how Tories have helped more people into work, decreased poverty..what she failed to do was tell us about the huge rise in homelessness that lowers the welfare bill as they cannot claim benifits. Huge rise in food bank use. cuts to disabled people’s, removal of mobility. The only people the Tories help is themselves. Heartless bastards the lot of them

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